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Join us and See the Videos Submitted

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the 24 online We have many wonderful videos to show you in the celebration on 5th December.

If you haven’t already done so, I am afraid it is now too late. The deadline for video submissions is over. BUT you can still watch the show. This page did give instructions on how to video items, and where to send them etc. But we have now removed those.

Register to See the Show

There is still time to register to see the show. We will be on several platforms. Register now and we will send you the details.

You can watch the show online. Register here and we will send information about how you can watch it live on the day.

We have lots of great videos that you have sent to us: songs, talks, reminiscences, poems, drama, readings, introductions to some of our departments, stories from Aunt Ida’s life.

Your Video

We will put up the times that videos will be shown nearer the day.

You can go to the programme page and see if it has been posted yet! Now we know what videos we have we will start putting it all together!

Guests who will be Joining Us

2 bedded dispensary started 1901-2
The 2 bedded dispensary that Dr Ida started in 1901-2


You can see more details about who is joining us and what will be happening on the Programme page

Deadline Over for Videos

We thank you for your interest and for sending us so many great videos.

The deadline was extended to Wednesday November 25th. We are now CLOSED to more videos.

Christian Medical College Vellore fron of main hospital
The main hospital in Vellore city centre. In 2020, CMC now has over 3000 beds, over 100 training courses and employs 10,000+ staff.

Bridge the gap for a person who can’t afford good healthcare. We need your help to treat the marginalised. Learn more about #CMC2020